Walls Are Bad

Recently there have been a lot of talk about walls, especially in the political sphere, with discussions on the need to build or construct walls to separate the United States from another country.

Our stand: walls are bad. Not just on the political sphere but in general. Walls create an obstruction that prevents people from being one with each other. It creates division and becomes a source of conflict. Remember the Berlin Wall?

It is the goal of this website to move beyond the political talk and simply discuss the need for unity. We need to be united as human beings. Unity leads to understanding and peace. This is the reason why we are promoting a borderless, division-less world.

Walls Are Bad is a non-government organization that aims to push for a unified humanity. While we may have our own differences of opinions, interests, political parties, religions, and so on, we want to make sure that when it comes to the basic human values of caring, sympathy, justice, and love, we are united as a people.

Walls Are Bad started as an advocacy group working out of its president’s garage door built by http://a1garage.com/las-vegas. We were formed as a group sometime in 2010 when we saw how much people were divided by hate and how the world is getting driven by bullying and hatred towards each other because of our divisions and differences.

Our main goal was to point out our similarities as a people and show how much we are indeed the same, deep down in our hearts and in the way we care for our family, the society and the world in general.

As a way of operationalizing our goal, we conduct the following:

Lobbying and Advocacy Efforts

We conduct lobbying efforts among our policymakers and the men and women who are in positions of leadership. Our goal is to stop actions such as the physical construction of border walls that prevent people from being united and being together. At the same time, we push for legislation and policies that encourage unity and basic human decency. At this point, we are working with all parties, groups, and policymakers in order to make this happen.

Training, Seminars, and Workshops

We conduct training, seminars, and workshops among groups of peoples — unions, office workers, migrants, parties, societies, clubs and so on. If you wish to take advantage of the seminars that we offer, please do not hesitate to let us know. We provide all of these seminars and training for FREE.

Youth Campaigns

For us, it is very important to conduct education and awareness campaigns among the youth. This is because their minds are still fresh and their hearts are still open. It is easier to teach them to be decent human beings and to respect, care for and love others.

If you wish to know more about the work that we do, just contact us. We’ll be more than pleased to talk to you. Have a great day, always!

Let us make the world a better place

There are infinitely various things that each of us can do to make the world a better place. These range from the simplest things to the most complex. But you know, it is actually the littlest things that matter and make a difference in the world. So never think that because you are just one person, you cannot do anything.

Here are just some simple things that you can in order to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Be kind.

A smile can actually make a lot of difference. It can light up a person’s world if someone just smiles at him or her. A smile is free so give it freely. You never know how much you can make another person happy just by flashing that beautiful smile.

Do good to others.

It doesn’t hurt to be able to do good to others. It may be as simple as passing on something, helping someone on the street pick up his or her things, offering to carry a parcel or helping an old person or a person with disability cross a street.

Pay it forward

Whenever someone does something good to you, pay it forward. In this way, you let the goodness spread and more people tend to benefit. With goodness and light, you drive out darkness, negative and all the bad things that come with it.

Be respectful.

There is nothing to be lost by being respectful and everything to be gained. So do what you can to give respect. In doing so, it begets respect.

Be positive.

See the good in others. Think good and nice thoughts. It will all come to you and bring you good cheer. Being positive is like a magnet, the more positive you give out, the more negatively you drive out.

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