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This particular page is geared for our community of people who are interested in making the world a better place. Feel free to comment here, ask questions, answer questions, and simply engage with people. Know, however, that we do not tolerate rude or sexist language.

Stephen, 25

It is so interesting to have come across this organization that aims to promote world peace and unity. I sincerely hope that they continue with the work that they do because this is precisely what we need in the world right now. I hope that they will really go out of their way to reach out to children and youths because they are the key to eliminating the hate and violence we are now experiencing in the world.


Thank you so much, Stephen for your kind words. What you said is precisely what we are doing. We welcome the support of people like you who understand what it is that we do.

Sarah, 18

I am so pleased to have come across this website. I like what you are doing and the interaction that you are doing with kids and the youth. I would like to be able to contribute to the work that you do. Is it at all possible for me to be a volunteer in your organization? I really hope that I can be part of your work.


That is so great, Sarah. We would love to take you up on your offer. Can you please send me your email address and other contact info? Alternatively, you may want to send us an email through the Contact tab of this website.

Lainie, 16

I also would love to volunteer. Can I do that as well, please? Thank you so much.


Of course, you are welcome to volunteer Lainie. Just like what I told Sarah, feel free to send us an email stating your intention to volunteer. Thank you.

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